Matchende nyheter til deg og dine


“Bikube” blå


  • YOGA pants in the 'Blomsterranker' patternYOGA pants in the 'Blomsterranker' pattern

    The YOGA pants are designed to be versatile and suitable for long-term use due to their high waist and the option to roll up the legs. They are spacious and provide ample room for a diaper. These pants are available in multiple patterns.

  • SISI nightgown in the 'Blomsterranker' pattern - pinkSISI nightgown in the 'Blomsterranker' pattern - pink

    The SISI dress is a delightful dress with short sleeves. It features a ruffled neckline and ruffled sleeves. This dress is available in multiple patterns/colors.

  • JOAKIM wrap bodysuit in the 'Blomsterranker' patternJOAKIM wrap bodysuit in the 'Blomsterranker' pattern

    The Joakim wrap bodysuit is designed for the comfort of your little one. It can be fully buttoned up at the front, allowing you to wrap the child without pulling anything over their head. The side buttons make it easy to change the baby whether they are lying down, sitting, or standing upright. It has long, good-quality sleeves that cover the wrists, which is a sensitive area to drafts. There are no seams on the back, and the side seams are flat seams that do not irritate delicate skin. It is available in multiple patterns.

“Ode til Jæren” rosa

“Erteblome” rosa

“Erteblome” blå

“Polarnatt” gylden


“Snøfnugg” blå

“Snøfnugg” rosa

“Duodji” blå

“Duodji” rosa