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  • TIDE pyjama set in the 'Uglesang' patternTIDE pyjama set in the 'Uglesang' pattern

    TIDE pyjama set consists of spacious pants and a long-sleeved shirt. It features convenient buttons at the neckline and a small pocket on the shirt. This set is available in multiple patterns/colors.

  • STINA nightgown in the 'Uglesang' patternSTINA nightgown in the 'Uglesang' pattern

    The STINA nightshirt is a long shirt with long sleeves and a small side slits. It has buttons on the chest and a small decorative pocket with text. This nightshirt is available in various patterns.

  • SISI nightgown in the 'Uglesang' patternSISI nightgown in the 'Uglesang' pattern

    The SISI dress is a delightful dress with long sleeves. It features a ruffled neckline and ruffled sleeves. This dress is available in multiple patterns/colors.

  • TUVA pyjamas in the 'Uglesang' patternTUVA pyjamas in the 'Uglesang' pattern

    The Tuva onesie is a completely unique nightwear, and according to children, the softest pajamas to sleep in.

    • Generously sized to accommodate growth, it offers generous room for comfortable movement.
    • Featuring sleeves with convenient fold-over cuffs (mittens) in sizes 56 to 68.
    • Designed without foot coverings, but thoughtfully equipped with foldable “socks” in all sizes.
    • Crafted with great attention to detail, without irritating seams and prickly labels.
    • It has snap buttons on the legs in sizes 56 up to and including 68.