An adventure with “Måneskinsmøyane”

For many years, Lilleba has used quotes from Arne Garborg’s works on their garments. Both because they are beautiful and calming, and because they provide the garments with a historical and local connection. The spring collection, launched in collaboration with the Garborg Centre, is entirely dedicated to the poetic work “Haugtussa” by Garborg. “Måneskinsmøyane” is perhaps the most poetic pattern we have created so far, and the collaboration with artist Herborg Kverneland was crucial to the outcome.

It all began when we came across a beautiful artwork inspired by the poem “Måneskinsmøyane”, created by Herborg Kverneland and Herborg Larsen. We went straight to Time Town Hall where the woven artwork is exhibited, and we were immediately filled with inspiration.

We contacted Herborg Kverneland, who liked the idea of a collaboration, and soon we were underway. Both Herborg and I were focused on how to transfer the expression from the original artwork to a clothing collection. It was crucial to preserve the lightness and beauty of the original piece. We had several meetings at her beautiful house in Kverneland. The meetings involved coffee, pastries, and a lot of creative work.

It has been incredibly inspiring to work with such a talented and experienced artist like Herborg Kverneland. She has a deep understanding of Arne Garborg’s poems and conveys them in a beautiful visual manner. Herborg is not only an incredibly skilled artist but also an inspiring role model for many female artists out there.

A long and unconventional design process is over, and we are very proud of the result. Here you can take a closer look at the Måneskinsmøyane products: