Christmas gifts with usage guarantee

What makes some Christmas gifts better than others? We believe the best gifts are the ones that are USED – over and over again. Lilleba comes with a usage guarantee. As long as you choose the right size, the Lilleba garment is guaranteed to be frequently used. Wondering why? Here are the seven most important reasons why Lilleba becomes favorites among both young and old.

  1. Super soft, comfortable fabric
  • The comfortable fabric made of bamboo and cotton is incredibly soft!
  • The fabric is sewn in two layers that allow for breathability.
  • Completely free of elastane!
  • Extra beneficial for children with eczema or sensitive skin.

2. No seams or labels that irritate

  • We hate labels that scratch the neck, so you won’t find them on our clothes.
  • The seams are sewn into the double fabric – there are no irritating edges.

3. Each garment is designed with great care and beautiful details.

  • The pajamas for the little ones have buttons all the way down to the feet, and foldable
  • “mittens” and “socks” that keep little fingers and toes warm and prevent scratching in pyjamas for the smallest ones.
  • Garborg quotes on the garments bring you peace like a true “jærbu” (a person from Jæren in Norway).
  • Pockets provide space for both little secrets and mobile phones.

4. Delightful to chill in – all day long

  • Lilleba pajamas are not just for sleeping. Walking around in Lilleba all day on Saturdays, Sundays, or during the Christmas season is perfect!
  • The stylish designs make you feel dressed enough in case unexpected guests show up.
  • They are cozy enough to keep you warm outside of bed, even when you’re saving on electricity.

5. Even your teenager will love Lilleba

  • Cool enough, cozy enough, comfortable enough to sleep in for loooong. And a teenager who gets enough sleep is a happy teenager.
  • And in case you haven’t noticed – right now, they’re wearing pajama pants everywhere!

6. There’s a Lilleba for everyone

  • Absolutely true! Lilleba is for babies, toddlers, older children, teenagers, women, and men of all ages..
  • Lilleba comes in several different styles, so everyone can find their favorite.
  • And each style comes in various beautiful patterns, which is part of what makes Lilleba truly unique.

Find a Lilleba for each of your loved ones – it will surely be used ❤️